About Classic College of Law

Our Guiding Spirit

Ramesh Kumar Mehrotra 'Rammi'
Former Head, Dept. of Law
Bareilly College, Bareilly
Charter Member, Management
Committee National Law
School University of India,

Guru-Kripa Educational Trust which manages the college comprises of only legal experts.

They are concerned and capable of providing meaningful legal education.

The students and their guardians can well be assured about their well being.

Nearest law college to the city of Bareilly as well as to Budaun & Rampur. The college is nearest to Moradabad also.

Transportation facility may be provided on request.

Richest Library among, private law colleges (A.I.R. from 1914, A.L.T. from 1937, 1964, S.C.C from 1972 etc.)


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