Welcome to Classic College of Law

Law is man's fourth basic need after food, clothing & shelter.

Only law knowing man can perform his duties well and be successful in all fields of life. Therefore, it is essential for everybody to know about law as a subject too. In a democratic country like ours, never be exaggerated. With increasing forces of Judicial Activism, Globalization and privatization, the need for legal experts is only going to increase.

Keeping this in mind Guru-Kripa Educational Trust has employed its knowledge and experience for the bright future of students.

Classic College of Law is one of the fastest growing law colleges in the Bareilly, Rampur and Badaun region with its sharp and pioneer services. Classic College of Law has been affiliated to M.J.P, Rohilkhand University by the State Government.

Classic College of Law has launched the five year course for the welfare of the students.

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